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How Secure Are Your Social Security Benefits?

March 4, 2015

That is a good question, and the answer may depend on who you ask. Unfortunately, rather than provide straight answers, our elected officials use it as a political football. We hope to provide some much needed clarity on this issue, as all of us are impacted by Social Security in some regard. Fir [...]

7 Myths About Health Reform

January 5, 2013

By Beth Howard Photograph by Adam Voorhes The 2012 presidential election has dialed up the rhetoric on health care reform. But how much of it is true? “The amount of misinformation about the Affordable Care Act [ACA] is astonishing,” says Shana Alex Lavarreda, Ph.D., director of health ins [...]

Fiscal Cliff Edition

January 1, 2013

Michael VelazquezLike many of us, it is quite likely that you are now suffering from hangover-like symptoms. I am not referring to N [...]

SVHS Helps Save the Music for Glendale Students

December 6, 2012

We are very excited to be a sponsor and participant in a benefit concert featuring the world famous legendary artist, Arturo Sandoval, winner of 8 Grammy Awards, 1 Emmy, the Congressional Medal of Honor, and countless other recognitions of his musical genius. Arturo, a client of the firm, is passion [...]

A Time for Taking Stock on Things You Have Done to Improve Your Financial Situation

December 5, 2012

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, don’t leave behind the expression of gratitude for what is working out well in your life. Today, instead of reminding you of yet another financial issue that you should attend to, we are here to give celebration for [...]

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